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            A  F#m      D   E              A  F#m 
I spend my days just mooning, so sad and blue, so  
         D    E 
sad and blue  
I spend my nights just mooning, all over you (all over who?)  
    D               E      C#m           F#m 
Oh I'm so full of love, as any fool can see  
       D        E           Dm       E 
Cause ages up above, have hung the moon on me  
              A              F#m    D    E           A F#m         D    E 
(Why must you go) why must I go on mooning, so all alone (so all alone)  
               A                  F#m        D    E               A      F#m 
There would be no (there would be no) more mooning, if you would call me  
               D     E 
(I've found a phone)  
      D          E             C#m            F#m 
I'm lying by myself in bed, I cry and give myself the red eye  
D  E          A 
Mooning over you  
             A                  F#m        D    E         A   F#m 
I'll stay behind (you'll stay behind) you mooning forevermore  
         D    E 
                A                  F#m       D   E                 A   F#m 
Someday you'll find (someday we'll find) me mooning at your front door  
               D    E 
(at my front door)  
     D             E                 C#m         F#m 
Oh, everyday at school I want ya, always will until I got ya  
D    E    A 
Mooning too (there's a moon up tonight)  
Contribuição: João Marcelo Rossini Alcantara Santos([email protected]) 

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