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Attics Of My Life Chords

Grateful Dead

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by Rowane

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Attics Of My Life

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Attics Of My Life: Grateful Dead E----------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------- G----------2-----------2-----------2----------2--1---------- D----------------------------------------------------------- A--4p3--4------4p3--4------4p3--4-----4p3--4---------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------- D--2h4---2h4---2-------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------------------
A E E Esus4 E B7 E B7 E In the attics of my life, A E B A E Full of cloudy dreams unreal. E Esus4 E B7 E B7 E Full of tastes no tongue can know, A E B A E And lights no eye can see. E G# A E F#m7 E A E When there was no ear to hear, you sang to me. Esus4 E I have spent my life Seeking all that's still unsung. Bent my ear to hear the tune, And closed my eyes to see. F#m7 F# When there was no strings to play, you played to me. B A D A In the book of love's own dream, E E7sus4 E7 Asus4 A Where all the print is blood. Asus4 A Asus4 A Asus4 A D Where all the pag es are my days, B Bsus4 B7 E And all my lights grow old. A Asus4 A D A When I had no wings to fly, E Esus4 D You flew to me, B B9 B7 A E E7sus4 D A E You flew to me. In the secret space of dreams, Where I dreaming lay amazed. When the secrets all are told, And the petals all unfold. When there was no dream of mine, you dreamed of me.

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