Graham Nash

Prison Song

Graham Nash

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Prison Song

	  		Intro: Cm Fm Cm G Cm Fm Cm G Fm Gm Cm 
Verse I:  
                  Cm                                                         Fm                        
One day a friend took me aside, and said I have to leave you 
                 Cm                                                               G7 
For buying something from a friend, they say I've done wrong 
            Cm                                                                    Fm   
For protecting the name of a man, they say I'll have to leave you 
                   Cm                  G                          Fm Gm Cm       
So now I'm bidding you farewell, for much too long 
                     Cm                              Fm        
And here's a song to sing, for every man inside, 
              Cm                                     G7    
If he can hear you sing, it's an open door. 
                     Cm                                        Fm 
There's not a rich man there, who couldn't pay his way 
                     Cm                    G                        Fm Gm Cm 
And buy the freedom that's a high price for the poor.  
Cm                  Fm                    Cm                         G7 
Kids in Texas, smoking grass, ten year sentence, comes to pass 
Cm                 Fm                Cm        G        Fm Gm Cm  
Misdemeanor in Ann Arbor, ask the judges Why?  
Verse II:  
                Cm                                                        Fm 
Another friend said to her kids, I'm gonna have to leave you 
                 Cm                                                    G7 
For selling something to the man, I guess I did wrong 
                        Cm                                                       Fm 
And although I did the best I could, I'm gonna have to leave you 
                   Cm                  G                          Fm Gm Cm 
So now I'm kissing you farewell for much too long. 
Outro: Cm Fm Cm G Cm Fm Cm G Fm Gm Cm 


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