Graham Nash

And So It Goes

Graham Nash

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And So It Goes

	  		        Am                          F  
I'm the oil upon the water, I'm the lava in the flow. 
Am                             F 
Resting like a rock beside the seaside. 
        Am    	                         F 
I'm the son and you're the daughter of the stranger that we know, 
Am                                  F 
Who gets a little stoned beside the wayside. 
C F C F Well, there's one thing to try, everybody knows C F C F Music gets you high, everybody grows Am F Am F and so it goes.
You're the lips that make the laughter you're the sunshine in the snow shining out on everything you feel you're the bird that dropped the berry on the island far below finding out that everything is real. Chorus We are loved and we are lonely, we are many, we are few. make it out of love and build a dream we are hoboes, we are holy, we are me and we are you, can't it be as easy as it seems? Chorus by: Josť Duarte [email protected]

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