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Good Charlotte

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Helz

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| C | F | Am | G | A-33333------------------ E------1111--5555--1111-- x4 Verse one: | C | F | Am | G | A-3333---------------- E-----1111--5555--3333-
Pre-Chorus: | Am | G | F | Chorus: | C | F | Am | G | x4 Verse two same as verse one Now my life is changing It's always rearranging It's always getting stranger than I thought it ever could Ever since I found you I wanna be around you I wanna get down to the point that I need you Repeat pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus Middle 8: | F | G | Am | x3 Then play the kind of intro and then go in to the chords.

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