Gogol Bordello

Lost Innocent World

Gogol Bordello

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Lost Innocent World

	  		Intro: the riff is played over chords Em G Am Em 

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Em G E|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------5-5-------------|-------------------8-8-------------| G|---------4-4---------4-4---------|-----------7-7---------7-7---------| D|-----5-5-----5-5---------5-5-----|-------9-9-----9-9---------9-9-----| A|-7-7-------------------------7-7-|-10-10------------------------10-10-| E|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------| Am Em E|----------------------------------------|-------------------------| B|-----------------------------------8-7--|-------------------------| G|-------------9-9----------------------9-|-------------------------| D|-------10-10-----10-10-------10-10------|-(9)---------------------| A|-12-12-----------------12-12------------|-------------------2-0---| E|----------------------------------------|-------0-2-3-0-2-3-----3-| In the first part of lyrics, you can play this while Em G Am Em plays: Em G E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|---------4-4-------------4-4-----|---------4-4-------------4-4-----| D|-----5-5-----5-5-----5-5-----5-5-|-----5-5-----5-5-----5-5-----5-5-| A|-7-7-------------7-7-------------|-7-7-------------7-7-------------| E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| Am Em E|-----------------------------------------|-------------------------| B|-----------------------------------8-7---|-------------------------| G|-------------9-9-----------------------9-|-------------------------| D|-------10-10-----10-10-------10-10-------|-(9)---------------------| A|-12-12-----------------12-12-------------|-------------------2-0---| E|-----------------------------------------|-------0-2-3-0-2-3-----3-|
Em G Hey rejuvenation! The second wind Am Em  When, when, when, when, will it begin  Em G Repatriation, what is my sin  Am Em When, when, when, when, will my ship come in  Am Em First I asked the sailor Am Em  To sneak me aboard  Bm Am Em Bring me place my father showed me my first guitar chord  Bm Am Em Place where lie of second thought cannot survive  Bm Am F# Place where all my friends are still alive  (In this part I like to play with B5,D5 and E5, I'll still leave the chords) Bm Lost innocent world  D Lost innocent paradise  Em Where did you go  Bm I payed too high a price  Bm Lost innocent world  D Lost innocent paradise  Em Once I'll get you back  Bm I'll never sacrifice  GBm - G - D - G - F# Am Em Am Em Then I asked every geisha from their willow town  Bm Am Em But nobody wanted to see death of a clown  Bm Am We danced Shanghai tango  Em Like no tomorrow jive  Bm Am When kung fu master found me, he asked me:  F# "Are you still alive?"  Lost innocent world... G - Bm - G - D - G - Bm - G - F#
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Bm D E|-----------------2-2-------------|-----------------2-2-------------| B|---------------------3-3---------|---------3-3---------3-3---------| G|---------4-4-------------4-4-----|-----2-2-----2-2---------2-2-----| D|-----4-4-----4-4-------------4-4-|-0-0-------------------------0-0-| A|-2-2-----------------------------|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| Em Bm E|---------------------------------|---------------------------| B|---------5-5-------------5-5-----|---------------------------| G|-----4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----4-4-|---------------------------| D|-2-2-------------2-2-------------|---------------------------| A|---------------------------------|-2-0-1-2-0-1-2-0-1-2-0-(1)-| E|---------------------------------|---------------------------|
Lost innocent world... G - Bm - G - D - G - Bm - G - F#

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