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Pretty Eve In The Tub Chords

God Help The Girl

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by educastilho

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Pretty Eve In The Tub

	  Intro: A D A D - A E A 

Main melody 
  A     D          A 
Pretty Eve in the tub 
         D           A 
Please allow me to scrub 
         E          A 
Please allow me to rub 
  A      D           A 
Tell me cares of the day 
        D         A 
Let me wash them away 
           E       A 
All the hideous weight 

Second melody 
 D      (D/G#) 
Dry you gently 
(D/A)    (D/B)  (D/C#) 
Dress you tenderly 
    (D/B)       D 
And ready for bed 
  E     (E/A)         (E/B)   (E/C#) 
You're asleep still standing up 
   (E/D)             A 
I like you not made up 

Main melody 
  A           D      A 
You've got a nice face 
  A     D             A 
It is crumpled and creased 
          E             A 
From the way that you sleep 
  A     D           A 
But I like you the best 
    A      D    A 
In one of my vests 
            E      A 
That you casually keep 

Second melody 
  D       (D/G#) (D/A)  (D/B) 
Steal from me my underwear 
    (D/C#)   (D/B)      D 
You wear it better than me 
    E (E/A)    (E/B) (E/C#) 
Go all day, no false alarms 
You charm them all...   

Main melody 
....the worker 
     D         A 
Labour-free shirker 
   D         A 
Management lady 
 E          A 
Government spy 

Main melody 
  A          D              A 
Long legged girl from the west 
          D         A 
You came onto the scene 
            E       A 
Like an energetic beam 
    A      D             A 
Charming ways you have learnt 
 A        D             A 
All the boys have been bent 
     E                A 
By your mesmerising gaze 

Second melody 
   D     (D/G#)(D/A) (D/B) 
Waltzing into situations 
 (D/C#) (D/B)       D 
Vacant, getting a raise 
  E     (E/A)   (E/B)     (E/C#) 
Writing home to tell your folks 
About the city...  

       D        A 
Are nagging at you 
          D               A 
What's a girl s'posed to do 
         G          D 
When a city closes in 
  A              D     A 
Noise from the lady upstairs 
          D         A 
She's as deaf as a post 
       G             D 
As transparent as a wraith 

Boys are queuing 
Trouble's brewing 
But you take it all in 
(But you take it all in) 
Ride the wave 
Of their affection 
Look behind the gaze 
                     A     A7 
And confessions of lust 

  A     D          A 
Pretty Eve in the tub 
        D           A 
Please allow me to scrub 
         D          A 
Please allow me to rub 
         D           A 
Please allow me to scrub 

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