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A Light In The Dark Chords

Glory Days

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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A Light In The Dark

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Intro E|--------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------| G|------------0-------------0-----------------| D|-----0--2/4-----0------------5/7-777--7-7-7-| A|--------------------7-7/9----7/9-999--9-9-9-| E|-0h3--3-------5---5-------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------| B|------------0----------------------------------| G|--------------0--------------0-----------------| D|-----0--2/4------0--------------5/7-777--7-7-7-| A|-----------------------7-7/9----7/9-999--9-9-9-| E|-0h3--3--------5---5---------------------------|
Em G We are one step from the final battle Bm G I'm almost done with carrera Em G I'm just waiting for you my Master Bm G I'm at the end of the tunnel and I see your light Fm C The light in darkness Fm C light in darkness Fm Bbm C I can already see the light in the darkness Em D With eyes closed I can already see your light Em G wrap me in your arms G C because I am firm in your Light

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