Gloria Lynne

Be My Love

Gloria Lynne

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Be My Love

(Nicolas Brodszky)

Intro: G D/F# Dm/F C/E Cm/Eb C/D D7 

           Gsus4   G            F#m5-/7   Bsus4 B7  
Be my love for no  one else can end this yearning 
     Em        Em/D        C#m5-/7 C7 B7 
This need that you and you alone     create 
     E       Am               A#dim     G 
Just fill my arms the way you filled my dreams 
                       Em  A7          Am7/D         D7 
The dreams that you inspire with every sweet desire 
      Gsus4    G                F#m5-/7 Bsus4 B7 
Be my love and with your kisses set me burning 
Em          Em/D          C#m5-/7 C7 B7 
One kiss is all I need to seal my fate 
    E           Am                 A#dim    G 
And hand in hand we find love promised land 
Em       F#dim Em/G B7  Bdim Am      D7  Bm5-/7 E7   Am7      D7 D7/9- G 
There be    no   one but  you for me eternally if you will be my   love 

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