Glen Hansard

Lay Me Down

Glen Hansard

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Lay Me Down

	  		 Lay Me Down 
                                      by "The Frames/Glen Hansard" 
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Tabbed by *Gretc* Chords; D G A A* e---2----3----0----0--| B---3----0----2----3--| G---2----0----2----2--| D---0----0----2----2--| A---0----2----0----0--| E---0----3----0----0--| D Chord Riff; strum this alternatively to imitate finger picking or finger pick a variation. D D D e----2---2---2-------| B----3---3---3-------| G----0---2---0-------| D--------------------| A--------------------| E--------------------|
Verse: D I will write you letters that G D explain the way I'm thinking now I will return to you G D What I have taken long before I will return again G D When it gets dark and day is done Chorus; A D And lay me down A D in the hallowed ground A D A A* A (pause down by your side i will stay ---------)D G D G D so lay me down Verse: D And if you wanna stay with me G D Then let me know before it's light I will recoil myself G D Into the black and darkest night Chorus; A D And lay me down A D In the hallowed ground A D A A* A (pause Where my (fore)father waits I will stay ---------)D G D G D So lay me down Chorus; A D And lay me down A D in the hallowed ground A D A A* A down by your side i will stay D so lay me down

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