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Southern Nights Chords

Glen Campbell

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Rowane

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Southern Nights

	  Intro:  | G - D - E7 - D9 | A - G - A7 - A7sus4 | 
D              Fdim B7                      E7/9 
Southern nights  have you ever felt a Southern night  
Gm7        G6           A6/7/9       A7 
Free as a breeze not to mention the trees 
A7sus4    F#m            Bm7           Em7  G/B  A7sus4  A7/5+ 
Whistling tunes that you know and love so. 
D              Fdim B7                      E7/9 
Southern nights   just as good even when closed your eyes 
   Gm7  G6   A6/7/9     A7 
I apologize 
  A7sus4 F#m               Bm7        Em7            A7 
to  any  one who can truly say he has found a better way,  
Hey hey. 
D              Fdim B7                        E7/9 
Southern skies --      have you ever noticed Southern skies? 
Gm7           G6         A6/7/9           A7 
It's precious beauty lies just beyond the eye 
         F#m              Bm7            Em7   G/B  A7sus4   A7/5+ 
It goes running thru your soul like the stories of   old. 
D      Fdim B7                             E7/9 
Old man        he and his dog they walk the old land 
Gm7           G6   A6/7/9      A7 
Ev'ry flower touches his cold hand 
A7sus4  F#m          Bm7         Em7     A7       D6 
 As he slowly walked by, weeping willows cry for joy, joy. 
D            Fdim   B7                                                                   
Feel so good  --      feel so good it's fright'ning 
E7/9        Fdim  E7/9 
Wish I could           stop this world from fighting 
Gm7        G6              A6/7/9        A7 
La dah dah dahhh dahhhh dot dah dah dah dahhh dahhh 
  A7sus4        F#m             Bm7     Em7   A7   A7sus4 
Dot dah dah dot dahhh  dah dot dahhhh 
D        Fdim B7                        E7/9  
Mysteries       like this and many other in the trees 
Gm7          G6     A7         A7sus4      D 
Blow in the night        in the Southern skies 
CODA:     |  G - D - E7 - D9  |  A - G - A - A7/5+  |  D6  | 
(This is my first chord set to upload here, If you notice any mistakes please let me know at 


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