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By The Time I Get To Phoenix Chords

Glen Campbell

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By The Time I Get To Phoenix

  		Campbell Glen - By The Time I Get To Phoenix  
Intro:   G7M       C7M       G7M       C7M 
(verse 1)  
By the time I get to Phoenix,  
She'll be rising,  
She'll find my note I left hanging,  
      G7M   C7M                     Am  
On her door, She'll laugh when she reads the part,  
             Bm7     Em7      Am  
That says i'm leaving, Cause I left that girl,  
                F    D7  
So many times before,  
(verse 2)  
By the time I make Albuquerque,  
         G7M             Am  
She'll be working, She'll probably stop at lunch,  
             G7M  C7M                          D7  
And give me a call, But she'll just hear that phone,  
       Bm7     Em7       Am         F   D7  
Keep on ringing,  Off the wall that's all,  
(verse 3)  
      Am                            G7M  
By the time I make Oklahoma, She'll be sleeping,  
     Am                                G7M  
She'll turn softly, And call my name out low,  
C7M                  D7               Bm7       Em7  
She'll cry just to think, I'd really leave her,  
   Am           D7                      G7M  C7M  
Tho' time and time, I've tried to tell her so,  
  Am               Bm7              E - D - E  
She just didn't know, I would really go   


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