Neon Bedroom Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by andrsouza

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Neon Bedroom

  		D                                Em                  A7 
Night times falling soon to your neighborhood I'll return to you 
D                            Em                    A7 
I crash clear as your window I'm looking through 
D                     Em            A7 
A curiosity, somehow, invisible to you 
D             Em                   A7 
I wa wa wa wa wander what happens in your 
Em   A7     D 
Neon Bed----room 

D                         Em                       A7 
I spy with my little eyes something beginning with you 
D                            Em                        A7 
Approaching your home ?????? my eyes are blurred 
D                                Em            A7 
The flickering of the tv makes a silhouette of you 
D                    Em        A7 
A strope, a mistery, I wanted to  
Em             A7     D 
Into your Neon Bed----room 

I'm someone younger, I'm someone new 
Em                        A7 
If you must pretend then I'll pretend too 
D                        Em         A7 
Between your four walls ????? 
D                           Em                  A7 
Still I remain a stranger in your avenue 
D                            Em               A7 
Still you remain a curiosity I can't help hold on to 
        Em   A7     D 
In your Neon Bed----room 

On the borderline of youth weaving 
Em                 A7 
Goodbye childhood 
Innocence gone for a good 
Em                               A7 
I'll be your one man soon if you teach me how to 
D                       Em          A7 
Every night walking the ????????? 
D                              Em         A7 
Every night I stop, I watch my own shadow lean 
          Em   A7     D 
Over your Neon Bed----room (x3) 

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