Gladys Knight & The Pips

Letter Full Of Tears

Gladys Knight & The Pips

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Letter Full Of Tears

Intro: E Dbm A B 

E                       Dbm     Ab     Dbm 
Here comes the mailman, walking up the street.. 
                           A        Dbm     E 
and it looks like he has a letter today for me. 
       Ab                                A 
Wait a minute let me look inside, no, it couldn't  
           B               E           Dbm 
be from my guy..because he brought me (yes, he did) 
           E           Dbm             
I said, he brought me (yes, he did) a letter full  
of tears. 

A                          E          A 
I thought we had a love so would take  
a lifetime to break us apart. 
              A             Gbm       E  D  Dbm 
Oh, yeah, but I found out today I was wronnnnnng.. 
    Gb        B            Abm7   B 
and my reward was a broken hearrrrrrt (my heart.) 

    E                         Dbm 
Oh, here comes the teardrops..welcome, oh, welcome  

to my eyes. 
Dbm  E          A                 Dbm         E 
And  I couldn't hold 'em back, no matter if I tried. 
(whoa, whoa) 
            Ab                           A 
You know it hurt me so inside, won't you pardon me  
        Eb7              E           Dbm 
while I cry?..because he brought me (yes, he did) 
           E           Dbm 
I said, he brought me (yes, he did) a letter full  
a letter full of tears. 

 E              Dbm                      E                
(Here comes the mailman) those drip drop tears. 
 E                 Dbm                       E                   
(Here come the big tears) can't you see them falling? 
 E              Dbm      E              Dbm 
(Here comes the mailman, bringing these tears) 
E                                 Dbm                                
 E    Dbm         E         Dbm        E 
(Hey..yes, it is..hey, hey, yes it is..hey, hey, hey,  
 ooo, yes, it is) 
E          Dbm              E 
I thought, we had a love so strong..(hey, hey)..(Fade.) 


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