Gipsy Kings

No Volvere

Gipsy Kings

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No Volvere

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Em D --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --5-----5--5--s--4---4--4--p--2--h--4--p--2-----------2--2--h--4--4-- 2-----------------------------------------------3--5----------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- C D7 G --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4--4--2--h--4--p--2--2------------------2----2--4--5---------2--4---- ------------------------5--5---2--3--5----------------3---5--------2- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
1(2x): Em Amor mio Am Amor mio por favor tu no te vas Am7 D7 Yo cuentare a las hora - s G Que nadi-a hoy Refrein(2x): Em Vuelve D No volvere, no volvere, no volvere C No quiere recordan G No quiere recordan Intro Refrein(2x) Slot(2x): Em D Lo lai lo lai lo lai lo lai lo C Lai lai lai lai lai la G Lai lai lai lai lai la

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