Gerry Rafferty

Mary Skeffington

Gerry Rafferty

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Mary Skeffington

	  		MARY SKEFFINGTON         (Gerry Rafferty) G C D D7 Gm 

G                   C           G 
 Mary Skeffington, close your eyes 
     D                D7                    G 
And make believe that you are just a girl again 
G                     C         G 
 Go to sleep tonight, dream of days 
       D                 D7                G 
 When you had something there to light the way 


Gm           C             G               C 
 Remember a holiday in a north-of-England town 
Gm               C                  G         D         
 You slept in a room upstairs on a bed of eiderdown 

 Mary Skeffington, when you wake 
 You mustn't be afraid to face another day 
 Think of what you have, you'll get by 
 You've always been a lady, so hold your head up high 


 Look back on a home where you spent the best years of your life 
 Remember the man who asked you if you would be his wife 

Repeat 1st verse 

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