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I Cross My Heart Chords

George Strait

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Andy

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I Cross My Heart

(George Strait)


Capo 1
Intro:  D  D  G  D  Em7  A  D  D  
Bm                 A          G            A        D  
_ Our love is unconditional - _ We knew if from the start  
Bm                  F#m             G               A  
_  I see it in your eyes, you can - feel it from my heart  
Em7            D                      G                A  
_ From here on after, Let's stay the - way we are right now  
            Em7              D                 C               Asus2   A7  
And share - all the love and laughter, That a - lifetime will a-llow  
D D G A D _ I cross my heart - _ And promise to D G A D _ Give all I've got to give, To make - all your dreams come true D D G A A7 D _ In all the world - _ You'll never find G D Em7 A D _ A love as true _ as - mine
Bridge 1:- G D Em7 A - D D - You'll always be the miracle, that - makes my life complete And as - long as there's a breath in me, I'll - make your's just as sweet As we - look into the future, It's as - far as we can see So - let's make each tommorrow, Be the - best, that it can - be Chorus G D Em7 A D And if a-long the way, We find a day - _ It starts to storm F C/E Dm7 F G You've got the - promise of my love, To - keep you warm... Bridge 2:D - D G A - D, D - G A - D, Ending: D G A D _ in all the - world, _ you'll never - find G D Em7 A D G D Em7 A D D G D Em7 A D _ a love as true as mine... _ a love as true as mine _

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