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Tennessee Whiskey Chords

George Jones

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Tennessee Whiskey

	  C I used to spend my F nights in a C barroom 
liquor was the only friend I G knew 
but you C rescued me from F reaching for the C bottle 
and you brought me back from G being too far C gone 
 C Your as smo F oth as Tennessee C whiskey 
your as sweet as strawberry G wine 
your as C warm as a C7 glass of F brandy 
and I stay C stoned on your G love all the C time 
 C I looked for love in F all the wrong C places 
found the bottom of the bottle always G dry 
but when C you poured out your love F I didn't C waste it 
cause there nothing like your G love to get me C high 
 Your as smooth as Tennessee whiskey 
your as sweet as strawberry wine 
your as warm as a glass of brandy 
and I stay stoned on your love all the time 

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