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Honky Tonk Song Chords

George Jones

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Honky Tonk Song

	  Capo 2 
  D                     D7       G            D 
I saw those blue lights flashing over my left shoulder 
   D            G                               A 
He walked right up and said get off that riding mower 
       D             D7               G             D   
I said sir, let me explain before you put me in the tank 
    D       G     D                A                 D 
She took my keys away and then she wonít drive me to drink 
                    G                  D 
I need a honky tonk song, a cold, cold beer 
           D                  A  
A hardwood floor, a smoky atmosphere 
                 G                           D      G 
A pocket full of change to last me all night long 
           D               A                    D 
Iíd rather hear old Hank a-moaniní a honky tonk song 
          D                              G                  D 
He didnít show me much compassion when I tried to walk that line 
      D         G         D                              A 
As he put those handcuffs on me, I said give me one more try 
         D                            G           D 
He never even cracked a smile when he threw me in car 
           D       G         D               A                D 
So I said, sir, if you donít mind, would you drop me off at a bar 

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