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Dear One Chords

George Harrison

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by joboa

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Dear One

  		A    A7  D    E    A A7   D    E    
Dear one near me - truth assessed 
A  A7  D    E      A A7    D   E    
Reborn worldwise - mind at rest 
A    A7    D   E     A A7    D   E    
True heart sow you - God has blessed 
A    A7   D   E      A    A7 D  E    
Your soul whispers - love confessed 

E A My spirit sings to you now E A Creation stands at your feet E A My feelings call to you now E A Dear one I love (a) you
You hear my spirit sing to you You see creation at your feet You feel my feelings calling you You know dear one I love (a) you Dear one show me - simple grace Move me toward thee - with each pace Chorus ___________________ by: Josť Duarte [email protected]

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