George Harrison

Behind That Locked Door Chords

George Harrison

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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Behind That Locked Door


Intro: D G D 
                  C    G 
Why are you still crying 
Your pain is now through 
       D             C     G 
Please forget those teardrops 
                       F    D 
Let me take them from you 
                    C     G 
The love you are blessed with 
This world's waiting for; 
   D             C          Bm      Am 
So let out your heart, please please 
                         G   D   G  D 
From behind that locked door 

                    C   G 
It's time we start smiling 
What else should we do 
     D           C     G 
With only this short time 
                        F    D 
I'm gonna be here with you 
                        C     G 
And the tales you have taught me 
From the things you saw 
         D              C        Bm 
Makes me want out your heart, please 
                         G   D  G  D 
From behind that locked door 

                C     G 
And if ever my love goes 
If I'm rich or I'm poor 
        D           C       Bm        Am 
Please let out my heart, please, please 
                         G  Am 
From behind that locked door 
                         G  Am  D   G 
From behind that locked door 

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