George Harrison

Beautiful Girl Chords

George Harrison

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by joboa

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Beautiful Girl

  		A                 D         A			     D 
Never seen such a beautiful girl, got me shaking inside 
A                  D               E  
Calling on me from deep within her eyes 
A                   D        A			              D 
Not the kind you go handing around, want to keep her right there 
A                      D             E 
But this love it don?t come as no surprise 

D E A E And when I saw the way that she smiled at me D E A E I knew it there and then that she was a one D E A E And then I felt the way she was touching me D E A E Was something I had known I was waiting upon
Never seen such a beautiful girl, had me quickly untied Calling to me she made me realize Not the kind that is lost or is found, she has always been there A lover needed for this soul to survive Chorus + verse 1 ___________________ by: Josť Duarte [email protected]

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