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No Trash In My Trailer Chords

Gene Watson

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No Trash In My Trailer

Yes I live in a single wide 
To get up here takes a 4 wheel drive 
      D                                  A 
And a mean old dog whose name is Sic Ďem Sam 
Got a motor hanginí from a tree 
Got a satellite dish and a trampoline 
    D                  A               D 
But that donít make me what they say I am 
D G D Cause there ainít no trash in my trailer D A Though they might find an empty can of beer D G D Bm There ainít been no trash in my trailer D G D A D Since the day I threw you out of here
I burn my trash in a big old drum Sometimes I might shoot my gun That car of yours on blocks is hard to miss This place is like heaven now It was more like hell with you around So let Ďem talk, say anything they wish

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