Gatlin Brothers

Broken Lady

Gatlin Brothers

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Broken Lady

	  		She's a bro Gken C lady G waiting to be C mended 
Like a pot Gter would C mend a broken vase G F C 
G A broken C lady G waiting to be C mended 
And have what's G left of the pie Dces put back in C place 
Her G love was like a fortress around a man she would have died for 
Takin' Ccare to take care of all he G needed 
But the la Ady's fortress slowly turned into a prison 
And the warn Din' signs he Am7 gave she never heed D7ed 
She G vowed every morning that what God joined together 
No one C else in the world could put apart A 
Then the walls came A tumbling to the ground 
And her world came crashing down around her Am7 heart D7 
Repeat first verse

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