Gary Moore

Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore

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Parisienne Walkways

	  		Intro:  Am7 / Dm7 / G 7 / C7+ / 
F7+ /  E7/4/9 /  E7 / Am / 

Am7    Dm7 
I remember Paris ? in forty-nine 
G7                    C7+ 
Champs-Elysee - St. Michele and old Beaujolais wine 
F7+              E4/7/9        E7     A     A4    A 
I recall that you were mine ? in those Parisienne days. 

Solo:   - / Dm7 / G7 / C7+ / 
F7+ / E7/4 / E7 / Am7 / Am7 

Looking back on the photographs 
G7 C7+ 
Those summer days spent outside corner caffs 
F7+         E4/7/9 
Uuh, I could write you paragraphs 
H7             E       F F / E 
about my old Parisienne days 

Solo   Feedback  - / Dm7 / G 7 / C7+ / 
F7+/ E7/4/9  E  / 

Am 7  Dm 7  /  Am7  F7+ E  /    wdhg. 


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