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The Fever Chords

Garth Brooks

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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The Fever

	  Intro : A5 G5,  A5  
He got a split finger wrap and his ropes pulled way too tight  
He got a lunatic smile cause he really drawn deep tonight  
            A        D       A       D 
He's got a fever , fever , fever , fever  
   A                              E 
Grab a hold of anything and hold on tight  
    A                                 D 
It hits you like the venom from a rattlesnake bite.  
     A                    E                
Were all here cause he's not all there tonight.  
Intro repeats : A5 G5,  A5 
He takes one last breath and time turns inside out  
Then the gate bust open to the world he dreams about  
             A        D      A        D 
He's got a fever , fever , fever , fever  
A                                E 
Stick a rope on anything cause he don't care 
A                                   D 
He'll even take a ride in and electric chair  
A                        E                     A5 G5      
We're all here cause he not all there tonight  
A5, Bm, Cdim  
 A/C#         D                                    
He says its really kinda simple keep you mind in the middle  
while your butt spins round and round.  
Take heed sankey's preaching , keep a lifting and a reachin  
        E                            A5 
and riding like there ain't no clowns  
Second solo A5, D, E 
What he loves might kill him but he got no choice  
Hes a different breed with a voice that screams inside  
That's screaming he was born to ride  
           A        D       A        D 
Hes got a fever , fever , fever , fever  
 A                                  E 
Fever makes you crazy cause it makes no sense 
     A                              D 
Like running from your shadow out of self defense 
  A                       E 
But he wont run and baby he can't hide  
       A                            D 
He thinks the odds are even leaving one hand tied  
      A                      E 
He gets so tired of hanging  on so tight  
     A                              D   
I know u think hes crazy , well I think your right  
    A                   E       
Were all here cause he not all there ,  
that's right  

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