Gang Of Youths

Say Yes To Life

Gang Of Youths

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Say Yes To Life

	  		Artist: Gang of Youths 
Song: Say Yes To Life 
Album: Go Farther In Lightness 

Tuning: Standard 
Capo: None 

     G   A   D   Bm  C#m  F#m  Em 

G G G G 

          G                               A 
There?s a sadness in the heart now of the imitation zone 
      G                             A 
Don?t forget about your brothers if you go at it alone 
             G                           A                             G 
And I could almost take a whole life, to disclose how I feel about the now 
Can?t give you an insightful conclusion 
      G                         A 
So if time is predicated on abstractions in a void 
        G                           A 
Do not subjugate yourself capitulating to the noise 
           G                                          A                         G 
If I could reach out through the screen and give you something to believe in, I would 
But I?m with you in amongst the confusion 

      D          G 
It?s okay, don?t fear 
       A              Bm 
Go be part of the new sincere 
       D              G 
Do not let your heart go 
    A                 G 
To shit, enslaved to ephemera 


     G                             A 
Our childhood is memory, still ascended high in dreams 
            G                              A 
And I?m suspending what I held for preconceptions of my being 
       G                              A                              G 
I only say this to affirm our time is short, but we?ve will to carry on 
Transcend with our scars and confusions 
       G                         A 
I was furious and dumb, lighting fires through the town 
             G                           A 
I?d play the fiddle and forget whatever I was pissed about 
            G                               A                              G 
I know that most of you relates to some extent, and God, I know how lame it sounds 
But I?m glad I became more human 

D              G 
Stay, don?t go 
               A                              Bm 
We?re like halfway through the halftime show 
       D             G 
Do not let this one end 
   A             G 
Before you emerge as the winner 

A Bm D 
G A Bm D 

          G                       A 
Hey, it?s me, I?m bringing you a case of Dry 
      Bm                           D                              G 
And words un-engendered fuck this, dumb city sleeps in the night 
And I won?t leave you hanging in the wind 
          Bm                        D                               A 
So let me love with a vengeance my sad, sweet and unfinished friend 
And we can go and mock the skyline now 
D                              G                                A 
Those bourgie windows full of dickheads we don?t know a thing about 
You wanna feel absolved tonight 
     D                                G                       A 
I?ve heard what you?re saying, it?s okay not to be so alright 

But don?t be alone 
      D                                 G 
Did I tell you that I spent most of my sister?s wedding stoned? 
             A                 Bm 
Say what you want with blood and bone 
            D                               G 
And stick a finger in their faces when they say you?re overblown 
           A               Bm 
Say yes to sun, say yes to pain, 
           D                              G 
say yes to sticking with a city through a thousand days of rain 
           A                Bm 
Say yes to grace, say no to spite 
           D                                G 
Say yes to this, say yes to you, say yes to me, say yes to love 
           D     C#m Bm G F#m G 
Say yes to life 
               D      C#m G F#m Em G 
Say, say yes to life 

D C#m Bm G F#m G 
D C#m G F#m Em G 

G A 
G A 
G A 
G A 

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