Golden Earrings


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Golden Earrings

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INTRO (2x) Guitar line Fm C e|-8-9-8-9-8-9-9h11-9-8-8----8--8--8-8h9-----| B|-------------------------11-11-11----------| G|-------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------| Organ line Fm C e|----------------8------------------------------| B|-9-11-9-11-9-11---11-9-9--8-9-8-9-8-9-9h11-----| G|-----------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------|
verse 1 Fm C There's a story the gypsies know is true Fm G C Bbm That when your love wears golden earrings Fm C She belongs to you Fm C An old love story that's known to very few Fm G C Bbm But if you wear those golden earrings Fm C Fm Love will come to you BRIDGE Bb Eb Ab By the burning fire,they will glow with ev'ry coal Abm Db Bbm Db C You will hear desire whisper low inside your soul verse 2 Fm C So be my gypsy, make love your guiding light Fm G C Bbm And let this pair of golden earrings Fm C Fm Cast their spell tonight RE-INTRO (2x) Fm C

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