Gaither Vocal Band

I Do Believe

Gaither Vocal Band

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I Do Believe

D G D G 

verse 1 
Some say faith 
   G     D 
Is just believing 
 G                     Bb 
Others say its self decieving 
Inventing, childish dreams 
To get us through 
Deep inside me 

Theres a yearning 
For true wisdom 
Not just learning 
  D                 G    D 
I'd trade all my clever questions 
     A              D   G   A 
For one answer that is true 

D G D I do believe G D G You are the one D G D G The home I've longed to find D A My only hope D A God's only son D G D G I do believe I touch I see D That all along G You've longed to be D My lord D My god
Solo G D G D verse 2 Eb Ab Eb Lord you know, I need some answers Ab Eb Questions eat at me like cancer Bb Eb Make me once again, a simple child Help me take the risk of losing Ab B Eb B Lose it all to find in choosing Eb Ab Eb To believe You are the answer Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Earth and heaven reconciled
Eb I do believe Ab Eb You are the one The home I've longed to find Bb My only hope Eb God's only son Ab I do believe I touch I see Eb That all along Ab E You've longed to be
I do believe A You are the one E The home I've longed to find B My only hope E God's only son I do believe A I touch, I see E A That all along You've longed to be E My Lord E My GOD A My Lord A E My GOD

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