Gaither Vocal Band

Hymn Of Praise

Gaither Vocal Band

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Hymn Of Praise

Am7 G  Am7 G 
Am7 D  C   G 

verse 1 
G                  Am7      G 
Oh, loving father, by your grace 
          Em       Am7      D7 
We gather here to seek your face 
     Am7       G       Am7  G 
And thank you for this family 
     Am7       D        C     G 
And hearth and home and loyalty 

verse 2 
G                      Am7    G 
Our hearts are full of gratitude 
             Em       Am7   D7 
For work and rest and daily food 
    Am7        G        Am7      G 
For neighbours kind and faithful friends 
     Am7     D           C      G 
The gifts on which our lives depend 

verse 3 
G                 Am7      G 
We even thank you for the pain - 
                 Em     Am7     D7 
It's through the loses that we gain 
    Am7     G          Am7    G 
A clear perspective, a better view 
   Am7    D    C     G 
Of our dependency of you 

verse 4 
G                  Am7       G 
We hold all things with open hand 
           Em        Am7            D7 
Our homes, our lives and this great land 
    Am7      G          Am7    G 
Our gifts possessions, and our days 
   Am7     D       C        G 
We lift to you in greatful praise 

Verse 5 
G                    Am7              G 
Through good and bad we've learned to trust 
             Em      Am7       D7 
That you are loving, wise and just 
    Am7     G         Am7       G 
So now with childlike hearts we raise 
     Am7    D        C       G 
Our hymn of deepest, highest praise! 

     Am7       G       Am7        G 
Yes, now with trusting hearts we raise 
     Am7     D       C        G 
Our hymn of deepest, highest praise! 

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