Gaelic storm

An Poc Ar Buile

Gaelic storm



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An Poc Ar Buile

	  		(D)                    (G)           (D) 
Ar mo gavial dom sheer kum drocade e warga 
Pic em goid is me dual eh mehel 
  (G)                       (D) 
K casfey oram eh gumar kayohg 
    (A)                    (D) 
Ach pocan kron is eh ar buile 

(D)        (G)       (D) 
ah-lay-lu  p-way-le-lu 
(D)        (G)           (A) 
ah-lay-lu  ta an poke ar bwayla 
(D)        (G)       (D) 
ah-lay-lu  p-way-le-lu 
(D)        (G)         (A)           (D) 
ah-lay-lu  p-way-le-lu ta an poke ar bwayla 

do remar trasna tree rulegock 
is du lesh an corak ar fuid na mwenga 
is trayscart de vuir shay sna turtoga 
kus ina anyon ar a grom le fu-eniv 

nor ag shay corrag go raive scot ann 
na gur ril le forsa kun me a willegg 
is ah anshin do claih shay an lem ba wo 
le fana war na faille brika 

well the Gardai (police) came from the town of Ballyroche 
for to catch that goat with their sticks and switches 
the goat gave the captin a kick up his arse 
and his horns made rags of his brand new britches 

I nangain kuish le haiyag an tranona 
V an sagart paraoshta amach na goinive 
Is eh dirt gurv eh and deavil beh goy lesha 
An garve an tro ar focan buille 

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