Hemorrhage (In My Hands)


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Hemorrhage (In My Hands)

	  		Intro: Bm A E

Bm        A          G             A
memories are just where you laid them
Bm        A          G                           A
drag the waters 'till the depths give up their dead
Bm             A
what did you expect to find?
G                         A     
was there something you left behind?
Bm           A         G                   A
don't you remember anything i said when i said
E         D     A    
don't fa....ll away, and leave me to myself
E         D     A        F#m                  
don't fa....ll away and leave love bleeding
G           D               A       
in my hands, in my hands again
leave love bleeding
G           D 
in my hands, in my hands
love lies bleeding
Bm          A                 G  A    
oh hold me now i feel contagious
Bm          A             G             A   
am i the only place that you've left to go
Bm                      A
she cries her life is like
G                       A
some movie black and white
Bm           A
dead actors faking lines
G                   A
over and over and over again she cries
G       A    Bm
and i wanted
     C#m D E  F#m
you turned away
F#m   Bm   C#m D  E    F#m   
you don't remember, but i do
     F#m         Bm   A G A
you never even tried

Contribuição: Leonardo Paiva([email protected])

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