Accidentally Kelley Street


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Accidentally Kelley Street

	  		A                   F#m                                        
Here's a door and here's a window 
 D                    E 
Here's the ceiling, here's the floor 
      A                   F#m 
The room is lit lika a black and white movie 
     D               E 
The TV's on, that's what it's for 
D           F#m               Bm                  E 
And if you walk real slowly, you can feel the planet breathe 
D                   F#m          Bm                   E 
There's no need to feel so lonly now that we've all learned to give 
A             F#m                D                     E 
Accidently Kelly Street where friends and strangers sometimes meet 
A             F#m           D             E                A 
Accidently Kelly Street I never thought life could be so sweet 
A              F#m 
In the garden birds are singing 
     D              E 
The sun is shining on the path 
A              F#m 
The wind is talking to the flowers 
      D                E 
The dogs and cats all take a bath 
D            F#m              Bm                 E 
And if you stop that talking you can hear the traffic sigh 
D                 F#m             Bm                       E 
Throw away those keys, start walking and watch those tiny things go by 
                -    Chorus    - 
F#m            D                      E       A 
It's Sunday everyday and there's no need to rush around 
F#m         Bm               D               E 
Inside of everybody there's sun and laughter to be found 
A                        F#m 
It seems that we're on holidays 
     D              E 
And sleeping in is not a sin 
A                      F#m 
All the house work's done by teatime 
       D                    E 
I'm felling good about the way I've been 
D              F#m           Bm                   E 
Perhaps this optimism will crash on down like a house of cards 
D           F#m               Bm                E 
I know that my decision to change my life was not that hard 
               -   Chorus   -     


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