All The Way To China


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All The Way To China

	  		All the Way to China     Freeman 
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Intro 2X --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------7---7--7~9----------------------------------------7---7---7----------- -----------7----7----7---6----------------------------7-----7------7--------6---------------------------- --------7~9--9----9------7-----------------------7~9----9------9------9-----7---------------------------- ----0------------------------------------------0---------------------------------------------------------
F#m B Any way the wind blows, all the way to China F#m B Any way the grass grows, right up to the ocean. F#m B The night is forever. The light is all we know. F#m B Beauty is a vessel, the wind will carry you home. Repeat Intro: F#m B Seperate and sparse, layers of creation. F#m B She is everlasting, welcome her arrival. F#m B And we're on the shoreline, 'top the holy mountain. F#m B Face any direction, feel her love. Repeat Intro: Bridge: Bm Am Bm Am I am the metamorphis, filler of sails Bm E And I'll pull you from the wake Am D Let you breathe me in again. Repeat Intro Add aaaaahs F#m B Circular in stardust, tempest of the gods. F#m B Wash you underwater, swept beneath the tidestream, F#m B You're deep at the bottom, we are at the top. F#m B Throw you down a lifeline, let us carry you home. Intro 2x End

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