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I`m your villain Chords

Franz Ferdinand

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by happiness

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I`m your villain

  		Dm Am 
The passion emerged and I'm your villain  
You toss in a word and I'm your villain  
G Dm                                              F G                                                     Cm 
But serious, you're so serious like a waiter hating the rich but taking their tips  
No one else and I'm your villain  
And now I don't give a damn and i'm your villain  
But serious, you're so serious  
Like a stone on your belly if you want to have fun  
F G  
And if I could laugh I'd love you, and if I could smile at anything you said  
We could be laughing lovers, I think you'd prefer to be miserable instead  
If I could laugh I'd love you, if I could laugh at anybody else  
We could be living lovers, there's a room at the top in bed  
G# G F# F 
See you later, baby see you later  


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