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	  		A 'll go on C#m living and F#m keep on forg B7 iving be Dmaj7 cause 
        You were my f Bm irst l E7 ove 
Verse 1: 
         A So very C#m warm and F#m tender 
        The  Bm way you l E7 oved me 
        H A ey girl, can't C#m you remember 
        And w Bm ant more E7 of me 
Chorus 1: 
        R D onnie,  /C#     R Bm onnie, R E7 onnie 
A (N.C.) 
Why did you go 
        R D onnie,  /C# oh, R Bm onnie, R E7 onnie 
        I A  am reg C#m retting but c F#m an't stop forg B7 etting be Dmaj7 cause 
        You were my f Bm irst l E7 ove 
Verse 2: 
You said now you don't need me 
Because I cheated 
Why didn't you believe me 
When I repeated 
Chorus 2: 
Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie 
You'll never know 
Ronnie, oh, Ronnie, Ronnie 
I'll go on living and keep on forgiving because 
        You were my f Bm irst l C# ove 
        F#    A#m I walk all a F#7 lone 
         B I cry at h Bm ome F#  
        Night after n A#m ight (night after ni B ght) 
                  C#              E   D C# B A G#  


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