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Poinciana Chords

Frank Sinatra

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Introdução: D6/9  C7M  D6/9 C7M  D6/9 A7 D A7 

            D7M   D9              D         D9         C9        
Poinciana, your branches speak to me of love, 
 C    Bb9 Fdim                 Fdim           D   A7         
Pale moon        is casting shadows from above. 
A7      D7M     D9           D         D9       C9 
Poinciana,    somehow I feel the jungle heat, 
C          Bb9         Fdim                                         D  
Within me          there grows a rhythmic savage beat. 
Bb9                   Fdim                Fdim                    D 
Love is ev'rywhere,     its magic perfume fills the air, 
Bb9     E7       Bb9     Fdim            Fdim             E7         A7        
To and fro you sway, my heart's in time, I've learned to care. 
A7     D7M    D9               D        D9         C9 
Poinciana,     from now until the dawning day 
C    Bb9   Fdim            Fdim              D   C 
I'll learn       to love forever, come what may. 
     Bb9    D6 

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