Frank Sinatra

I'll Never Stop Loving You Chords

Frank Sinatra

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I'll Never Stop Loving You

( Sammy Cahn and Nicholas Brodzsky)

  		G    G/F#   C          C/B  Am7 
I'll never stop loving you 
    D7   Am7         G 
Whatever else I may do  
    G7     G7 
My love for you 
      C   C/B      Am7   Am7/G       D7 
Will live   'till time itself is through 
G           C           Am7  D7 
I'll never stop wanting you 
    Am7     B7      
And when forever is through 
    E         G#m 
My heart will beat 
    A       F#m      B7       E 
The way it does each time we meet 


     G7            Dm7           C 
The night doesn't question the stars 
        G7           Dm7              
That appear in the skies 
    C           Fdim          Am7 
So why should I question the stars 
        F   Am7     D7 
That appear in my eyes 
G  G/F#      C             D7    G 
Of this I'm more than just sure  
    B7  Cdim  C         Am7   
My love will last and endure 
      C    C/B       Am7  Am7/G Cm   G Em7 C Cm7 G6 
I'll never, no, I'll never stop loving you 

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