Fraggle Rock

Wemblin' Fool

Fraggle Rock

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Wemblin' Fool

	  		(verse 1): 

A                     D 
Well when I'm Wemblin' west, 

I take the friend I like best 
                   G                           A                      D 
And we just Wemble-Wemble-Wemble as we ride. 

(verse 2): 

A                        D 
And when we're Wemblin' south, 

We stick our feet in our mouth, 
                   G                          A                         D 
And we just Wemble-Wemble-Wemble side by side! 

A So now it's doodlee, doodlee, doodlee, doodlee doo D Cause the Wemblin' song can't go wrong! A Yes, it's a doodlee, doodlee, doodlee, doodlee, doo D Just Wemblin' on!
(verse 2--copy chords for verse 1): We Wemble most in the east And to the north we go least And we just Wemble-Wemble-Wemble along. Come on and join us and you'll Be just a Wemblin' fool Cause that's the Wemble-Womble-Wemblin' song! (Chorus)

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