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Intro: G Gm C Am F G C Am F G 

C         F        G            C             F    G 
Caroline, Caroline-eye-eye-ine..Caroline, Caroline-eye-eye-ine.. 
Am7        F         G         C   Am7 F  G 
There is a girl, she really is, so fine. 
C Am7      F         G        C   Am7 F  G 
I know one day she's gonna be, be mine. 

Em  C     F   G   C             F   G       Am7     C 
She is so, I'll make her name is Caroline. 
    F    G            C         F        Dm      G 
Caroline-eye-eye-ine, Caroline, Caroline-eye-eye-ine. 

F                          Bb   Eb 
She is the fairest of them all..and I'll come runnin' when  
    Ab   Bb 
she calls. 

F  Fm         F#        Ab         Db   Bb    F# Ab 
Sheeee is the girl..the girl of my dreams. 
Db    Bb    F#       Ab       Db  Bb    F# Ab 
She's on my mind, forever, it seems. 
Fm    Ab   F# Ab    F     Ab    F#  Ab         Bb     Db 
We'll love forever..we'll dream together..just me and Caroline. 

Db   F#  Ab          Db            F#   Ab 
Caroline-eye-eye-ne, Caroline, Caroline-eye-eye-ine..(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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