For King And Country

People Change

For King And Country

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People Change

Intro: C F Am F 

Verse 1:
F                    C    F                    G 
Wanna tell you I'm alright wanna say I'm not in pain 
F                     C                   Am        G 
But I would just be telling lies I'm not ok, I'm not ok 

Verse 2:
F                   C    F                        G 
Wanna travel back in time say the things I didn't say 
F                  C                       Am                                
I wanna tell you everything if it's not too late 
Is it too late 

F                       C             G                  F 
Will you be there if I call will you leave me in the rain 
                      C           G                Am 
If I say it's all my fault will you still walk away 
  G      F           C   Am  G 
I understand if you're afraid 

C F Am G But people change people change
Verse 3: F C F C F Stay awake and talk to me let me hold you while you sleep C Am I've been out here on my own but you're my home G You're my home Pre-Chorus Chorus 1 Bridge: G F C G F Am G I'm not gonna let you down this time darling don't be afraid
C F Am G People change and I can change
Pre-Chorus Chorus 1 (x2) Outro: F

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