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Colors of the Day Chords

Fletch Towell

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by ftowell

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Colors of the Day

	  | Cm7                               |Fm7                 | Bb                   Bb /Ab                               |Eb                     xxx         |  
         Everybody’s got a reason                          Everybody’s got a plan, oh yeah  

Cm7                  	       |Fm7                 | Bb                      Bb /Ab                               |G                G7 | 
    Makes no rhyme or reason.          	           And I hope you   understand.  That all the  

|Cm7 Ab | Eb Bb B ‡…‹ 7 | Colors of the day, like yesterday… |Cm7 Ab | Eb Bb B ‡…‹ 7 | Colors of the day are gone… |Cm7 Ab | Fm7 | Colors of the day, are yesterday… Bb | Eb Ab | Eb Ddim | And I don’t know, anymore
Verse 2 Everybody’s got an answer Nobody’s got a clue, oh yeah… Everybody’s, lost direction.. and I don’t know what to do… But all the…. (Chorus) Verse 3 (Instrumental) (Chorus) Verse 4 It’s the time of the Season. Its that time of the year, …oh yeah Makes no rhyme or reason. and hope your hearing clear… That all the… (Chorus)

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