Flatt & Scruggs

Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky

Flatt & Scruggs

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Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky

  G              C       G 
Darling, I have come to tell you 
Though it almost breaks my heart 
      G          C       G 
That before the morning, darling 
       D             G 
We'll be many miles apart 

C G Don't this road look rough and rocky D Don't that sea look wide and deep G C G Don't my baby look the sweetest D G when she's in my arms asleep
same chord as first verse Don't you hear the nightbirds calling Far across the deep blue sea? While the others you are thinking Won't you sometimes think of me? chorus One more kiss before i leave you One more kiss before we part You ahve caused me lots of trouble darling, you have broke my heart

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