Flatt & Scruggs

Backin' to Birmingham

Flatt & Scruggs

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Backin' to Birmingham

	  		C Read an ad in G7 Chicago's Sunday C paper  
Help wanted semi G7 driver needed C bad 
I F walked in I said I'd like to see the C foreman  
I D7 told him all the experience that I G7 had  
He said C son you're G7 just the man I C needed  
Handed me the G7 keys and shook my C hand  
He F pointed to the truck and said I'll C see you  
G7 Take that load of steel to Birmin'-{C} ham. 
Well I F finally got inside and got it started  
Put it into gear and started C backin' F up  
Tried every way to get it goin' forward 
Oh, but D7 I ain't never drove a big old G7 truck  
Well it C wasn't easy G7 backin' through the C traffic  
And I'll bet I'm the G7 first truck drivin' C man  
That F ever left Chicago in a C semi  
And G7 backed it all the way to Birgin'-{C} ham. 
Well, the police pulled me over down in Nashville 
What do you think you're doin', I just smiled  
I said I just got tired of goin' forward  
And I thought I'd drive it backwards for a while  
I backed it in a truck stop and said fill it 
And check the oil, it probably needs a can  
Oh, he said tell me which way are you backin'  
I said I'm backin' south to Birmin'ham.  

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