Flaming Lips

Is The Black At The End Good

Flaming Lips

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Is The Black At The End Good


Part 1: 

Em                Dm       Em  
The sun is right behind us 
Though it's cold and dark ahead 
            C         G   
That's just me being optimistic 
I know, I know 

(Suffering defeat us 
My spirit tries and tries 
But it's hard 
I know, I know, I know 

Pain is this burdening power 
It punishes the soul 
It's stars all around us 
I know, I know 

Everything changes 
Everything does, I know 
I know, I know, I know, I know)* 

*bracketed uses same chord progression as first stanza 

Part 2: 

So you see 
How many live without it 
                 F           G           
Cause everywhere the love is 
That's where I'll be... 

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