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Its A Shame

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Its A Shame

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: C 

verse 1 
C                 F                  C 
Lately, I?ve been thinking about the past 
          F             C 
How there is no holding back 
   F        C       G 
No point in wasting sorrow 
   F                         C 
On things that won?t be here tomorrow 

verse 2 
C                   F                C 
But you and I, well we don?t need to speak 
        F             C 
It?s a secret that we keep 
       F       C    G 
How do you and I decide? 
F                             C 
Just say when and we?ll say goodnight 

F C G F Tell me it?s oka-----y C G F To live life this wa-----y C G Sometimes I want you to stay F C I know it?s a shame F C Shame F C G Shame
C Verse 3 C F C Now I spend so much of my time F C Going out of my mind F C G Try so hard to be amused F C But what you cannot gain you lose verse 4 C F C In LA, the sun?s almost too bright F C I cannot get it right F C G The emptiness I feel F C And now none of it seems real
F C G F Maybe it?s alri----ght C G F If I just spend the ni----ght C G Sometimes I just can?t bear to walk away F C I know it?s a shame F C Shame F C G Shame
C Bridge F C G Who have I become? F C G D7 Who will I beeeeecome tomorrow?
F C G F Tell me it?s oka-----y C G F If I ask you to sta-----y C G Sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife F C I know it?s a shame C F C I know it's a shame C F C G I know it's a shame
Outro F C Sha--me F C G Sha--me C (strum once)

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