Fionn Regan

Little Nancy

Fionn Regan

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Little Nancy


Chords used: C G Em Fsus2(maj7) Cmaj7 E Am 

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Fsus2(maj7) e|--0-| B|--1-| G|--0-| D|--3-| A|--3-| E|--1-| Intro: C G C G Riff: e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--0---1--3----------------------------------------------------------------| G|--0---0--0----------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------0--2----------------------------------------------------------------| E|--3-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
C G C G Em riff *2 verse 1 Riff C G I was climbing into a barrel C G Em When I remembered Little Nancy's voice say Riff C G "promise me you'll take me to the big wheel C G Em On the night of your next payday" Riff C G I'll put her on my shoulders C G Em Beat the height restriction Riff C G I'll let her do the talking C G Em Bury my poor diction
Fsus2(maj7) C Cmaj7 A box of paints and an easel Fsus2(maj7) C Cmaj7 A record player and a needle G Little Nancy
Riff then intro. verse 2(Same chords as before) I was loosening the canvas for to Climb up the rigging And I remembered Little Nancy on the beach Necklace lost and digging I'll tie a ribbon to the railings Mark the exact location I'll win her a goldfish in a bag like a Comic book illustration Chorus 2(Same Chords as before) A matador flag that was a trade-in For a quarter-size violin E Am Fsus2(maj7) We parted company amicably G Little Nancy C Fsus2(maj7) G Wherever you go, I'll follow you C Fsus2(maj7) G C G C Let not this time be wasted on worrying

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