Field Medic

Fuck These Foolz That Are Making Valencia Street Unchill

Field Medic

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Fuck These Foolz That Are Making Valencia Street Unchill

Intro: C 

verse 1 
               Am    G 
Came here as a young man 
              Fmaj7          C 
To escape the confines of my home 
                   Am   G 
To a world without judgement 
                    Fmaj7     C 
Where the strange & unusual'd roam 
       Fmaj7      C 
It was here i was raised up 
       Am             G        G7 
It was here that i've grown 
                   Am G 
& now all of these ro-bots 
                  Fmaj7        C 
Have re-paved our streets with silicone 

verse 2 
                 Am  G 
I can't afford a bus pass 
        Fmaj7         C 
I can't afford to eat well 
                 Am   G 
If it wasn't for food stamps 
               Fmaj7               C 
I'd be back to busking in the BART tunnels 
      Fmaj7      C 
If it wasn't for charlie 
       Am                    G       G7 
Out on 16th street giving em hell 
                   Am G 
There'd be no more po-etry 
        Fmaj7      C 
No more stories to tell 

verse 3 
  Fmaj7         C                                                                                           
& who are these people 
         Fmaj7         C 
In there vest in their shoes 
    Fmaj7        C 
Who boast of not voting 
         Am            G     G7 
Cuz what good could it do 
             Fmaj7   C 
When they're already filthy 
              Am          G       G7 
Rich & living comfortably too 
                   Am   G 
In a new condo off 22 - nd 

I tip my hat to those 
    Fmaj7         C 
Who smashed their windows 

verse 4 
    Fmaj7       C 
& i sing for my people 
         Fmaj7       C 
Who have yet to cash in 
      Fmaj7         C 
Their chips on this wonderful 
      Am           G      G7 
Place that we live in 
    Fmaj7        C 
See it's not the city 
              Am        G      G7 
Itself that's violently ill 
                   Am   G 
It's just these fucking foolz 
       Fmaj7           C 
Making valencia street unchill 
                 Am  G 
& destroying the mission 
     Fmaj7         C 
4 every1 who lives there 

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