Children Of The Sun


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Children Of The Sun

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Am Am/G F#m D Dsus4 e|-------------2---3---------------------------------------------------------| B|-1---1-------3---3---------------------------------------------------------| G|-0---0-------2---2---------------------------------------------------------| D|-2---2---3-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-3---0---3-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----3---1-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Am Am/G Standing in an open space, F#m Surrounded by views as you escape, D Dsus4 You find a place. Am Am/G Forgotten what it s like to lose, F#m Freedom and the right for you to choose, D Dsus4 It s theirs to take F#m G As we go, through this life, Am C Am/G F#m Things can get a little bit twisted from time to time, F#m G But we know, when it s right. Am C Am/G It s then we go, we take fire from the sun, F#m Am C Am/G D Dsus4 This planet s cold, we ll find some place we belong, C Am/G We ve been shining in the dark, D Dsus4 Holding on together, Am C Am/G F#m Just like children of the sun.

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