Father John Misty

The Memo

Father John Misty

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The Memo

I'm gonna steal some bedsheets 
F             C 

From an amputee 
I'm gonna mount em on a canvas 
       D                   G 
In the middle of the gallery 
F                      E        Am                  D   
I'm gonna tell everybody it was painted by a chimpanzee 
Am                   D                   
But just between you me 
G (single strum) 
Here at the cultural low water mark 
If it's fraud or art 
They'll pay you to believe 


I'm gonna take five young dudes 
F                C 
From white families 
Gonna mount em on a billboard 
       D             G  
In the middle of the country 
F                   E                   Am                 D  
I'm gonna tell everybody they sing like angels with whiter teeth 
Am                       E  
But just between you and me 
G (single strum) 
They're just like the ones before 
With their standards lower 
Every concert goer will pay you to believe 


F                        C 
Caffeine in the morning, alcohol at night 
F                            C 
Cameras to record you and mirrors to recognize 
And as the world is getting smaller 
Small things take up all your time 
          Am                               D  
Narcissus would have had a field day if he could have got online 
And friends it's not self-love that kills you 
                    Am           D 
It's when those who hate you are allowed 
                 G                                 Am               D 
To sell you that you're a glorious shit the entire world revolves around 
And that you're the eater, and not the eaten 
              Am               D 
But that your hunger will only cease 
            G                                    Am       D 
If you come binge on radiant blandness at the disposable feast 

(All single strum for thus part) 

     Am                    F  
Just quickly how would you rate yourself 
            Am                        F 
In terms of sex appeal and cultural significance  
Gm                       Gm 
Do you usually listen to music like this 
We can recommend some similar artists 
Are you feeling depressed? 
But your feedback's important 
To us 

(Return to strumming pattern) 

Gonna buy myself a sports team 
F               C 
And put em in a pit 
Gonna wage the old crusade 
D                G 
Against consciousness 
F                      E                    Am                D  
All I need is a couple winners to get every loser to fight in it 
You keep the golden calf 
I just need the bullshit 
They won't just sell themselves into slavery 
They'll get on their knees and pay you to believe 

End on C 

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